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15 JUN 14 - 25 AUG 14

It's been a couple months since our exotic travels ended and we touched down in Canada. But the travels didn't end there and we were still living out of bags! We were kind of expecting to relax a bit after returning home but that was far from the case. After being gone for a few years, home didn't really exist anymore so we kept moving. We went from Winnipeg to Regina to Winnipeg to Yorkton to Prince Albert to Edmonton to Calgary to Cochrane to Three Hills to Kelowna to Banff to Regina to North Dakota to Regina to Kelowna to Vancouver and finally to Kelowna again where everything came to a halt and settling down happened real quick.

Call it a case of extreme travel weariness but we ended up buying a house and finding jobs in a place that we've only driven through a couple times. So for now we are happily settled in Kelowna and loving it!


Diaper change in Revelstoke
Funny ladies
Summit of Rundle Mt.
Aya freezing in Banff
02 JUN 14 - 14 JUN 14
05 JUN 14 - 13 JUN 14

The Queen Mary 2 is legendary itself as well as the path from Southampton to New York (Titanic route). Since we were going that direction anyway, we had to try! We checked every day for last minute deals and finally booked a few weeks before departure.

I wouldn't call us 'cruise people' but it was welcome relief after living like animals for three months. The first stop was the self-serve laundry then the child care facilities. We even had to scrounge together formal wear in Athens beforehand in order to be presentable at the various upper-class dining facilities.

A stop in Halifax for a day was pleasant and an early morning docking in New York harbour can't be beat.


Arwen during safety check
Getting ready to embark QM2
Aya happy to find a familiar face
Getting ready for a night out
02 JUN 14 - 05 JUN 14

We asked some of our English friends where we could go off the tourist trail to enjoy a quintessential experience. Just a place where an old lady could tsk tsk and chase us away with a broom for persistent scrumping. Just to sit around and drink tea and eat crumpits and blood pudding.

We ended up getting that and more - quaint neighborhoods, kids walking to school in their uniforms, ridiculous signs restricting anything uncivilized. From Windsor we met up with a friend from Cambodia in Oxford before stopping in Salisbury to see some famous rocks before heading to the port of Southampton for our big cruise home.


Family at Stonehenge
Meeting up with Jenny for a day in Oxford
Being English in Oxford
Getting ready to board Queen Mary 2