Travelling with UV
Travelling with UV
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07 OCT 13 - 21 MAY 14

One thing that irritates me both financially and environmentally while travelling is bottled water. I realize that growing up in Canada with abundant fresh water is a luxury compared to other countries so I am not completely ignorant. As a tangent, buying bottled water in developed countries where perfectly fine potable water flows from the taps is disgraceful when considering that much of the world doesn't have this luxury. The annoying thing about bottled water when travelling is that it is usually the only thing avaialble to tourists even when the locals clearly find other options (household filtering/boiling etc...).

As we are for this trip unfortunatly tourists and spending considerable time in deserts, my compromise is to travel with a handheld UV water sterilyzer. After 15 minutes of shopping (about all I can handle), I settled on the SteriPEN|classic. This is a hefty up front iinvestment but I'm confident that I'll eventually break even (not to mention save the world from empty discarded plastic bottles in the process). I'll keep a running tally and consider it money saved only when I directly avoid buying a bottle of water.


Balance Sheet:
 DateLitres*$/LTotal ($) Notes
2013-08-081-69.99-69.99 SteriPEN|classic upfront cost
2013-11-121-10.50-10.50 4 x NiMH batteries
2013-11-1630.330.99 Sihanoukville
2013-11-1760.331.98 Sihanoukville
2013-11-1870.664.62 Koh Rong Samloem
2013-11-1980.665.28 Koh Rong Samloem
2013-11-2030.661.98 Koh Rong Samloem
2013-11-2020.330.66 Kep
2013-11-2180.332.64 Kep
2013-11-2260.331.98 Kampot
2013-11-2330.330.99 Kampot
2013-11-2430.330.99 Kampot
2013-12-2710.330.33 Kampot
2014-01-3120.330.66 P'oom Stung (Koh Kong)
2014-02-0120.330.66 Chi Phat (Koh Kong)
2014-02-2830.330.99 Kep
2014-03-0160.331.98 Kep
2014-03-0240.331.32 Kep
2014-03-1030.310.93 Bangkok
2014-03-1150.311.55 Bangkok
2014-03-1260.935.58 Amman
2014-03-1350.934.65 Amman
2014-03-1410.930.93 Amman
2014-03-2120.931.86 Amman
2014-03-2220.931.86 Madaba
2014-03-2340.933.72 Madaba
2014-03-2440.933.72 Madaba
2014-03-2540.933.72 Wadi Musa
2014-03-2650.934.65 Wadi Musa
2014-03-2770.936.51 Wadi Rum
2014-03-2870.936.51 Wadi Rum
2014-03-2970.936.51 Aqaba
2014-03-3040.933.72 Aqaba
2014-03-3150.934.65 Ajloun
2014-04-0160.935.58 Ajloun
2014-04-0250.934.65 Madaba
2014-04-1040.251.00 Istanbul
2014-04-1540.170.68 Pamukkale
2014-04-1660.171.02 Selcuk
2014-04-1720.330.66 Izmir
2014-04-1820.330.66 Istanbul
2014-04-1970.332.31 Istanbul
2014-04-2020.330.66 Istanbul
2014-05-1940.311.24 Tirana
2017-03-1732.607.80 Boca De Camarioca
2017-03-1852.6013.00 Boca De Camarioca
2017-03-1972.6018.20 Boca De Camarioca
2017-03-2272.6018.20 Vinales
2017-03-2392.6023.40 Vinales
2017-03-2472.6018.20 Vinales
2017-03-25102.6026.00 Vinales
2017-03-2672.6018.20 Vinales
2017-03-2781.3010.40 Havana
2017-03-2871.309.10 Havana
2017-03-29132.6033.80 Varadero
2017-03-30112.6028.60 Varadero
2017-03-3152.6013.00 Varadero

*Litres of bottled water I avoided buying according to the rules below. Can't record water purified if...
   • another source of free water exists
   • purified to offset someone else's costs
   • another free purification method exists (ie. boiling water in hotel room, tablets)
   • there was no way to purchase water anyway (in the bush)
   • purified water not consumed