Kelowna 2016
Kelowna 2016
17 OCT 16 - 26 OCT 16

I get some pretty random work trips - like to the middle of the PNG jungle via Australia. Since it was my first time to the country, I had the pleasure of visiting Port Moresby which has the reputation of DON'T LEAVE THE AIRPORT if you want to stay safe. I didn't find this at all be the case, although I didn't venture too far into the city. Everyone I walked past was haapy to see me and couldn't help but offer a greeting. Having said this, there was ample security protecting any places that Westerners might have to go and I am convinced there are areas of town you would not want to visit.

From there it was off to Tabubil- the Ok Tedi mine administered town near the border with Indonesia, in the middle of the jungle, on a mountain, in the clouds. One of the rainiest places on earth. This of course made most days miserable and not the easiest place to get any work done. However, the cal people love to joke and listen to music and walk everywhere!

One notable feature around the country was the 'Pigeon English' and most apparent to the tourist on signage.

What is your name? - Wanem nem belong yu?

Thank you! - Tenk yu tru!

I'm fine - Me Orait

I'd like lots please - Me laikim planti plis

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One the way home, a pleasant detour found me in Sydney, Australia for a couple days. I walked for 16 hours one day around the waterfronts, past the opera house, Harbour Bridge, Congee to bondi beach and had many unique experiences.


Walking around Tabubil mine camp
Walking from Congee Beach to Bondi Beach
At the bottom of Ok Tedi Mine
Exploring around the Opera House
10 MAY 16 - 23 MAY 16

May is going to end up being even more kid-centric than the rest of the year with all kids birthdays within the same 2 weeks (now 5, 3, and 1). Aside with trying to have one birthday for all 3, we've been enjoying Okanagan early spring, getting out around Kelowna and Chilliwack, Surrey, Harrison Hot Springs, Hope, and Terrace.

These kids love their yogurt drinks
Talstra HQ
baby strength training
3 kids on a slide
13 APR 16 - 23 APR 16

It was a treat to do some work in Brazil for a couple weeks this spring but even more so to find we were based in the old colonial town of Ouro Preto. Established in the late 17th century by the Portuguese, it quickly grew to Brazil's largest city over the next 100 years. These days it is a bit of a tourist hub with steep cobbled streets, small shops and old churches. Its historical claim to fame (proximity to minerals deposits) was also the reason that we found ourselves in Brazil. A nearby mine requested a trial of our software to improve monitoring over a newly constructed dam.


Early morning walk through the town
One of the many churches hugging the hillsides
An example of the unique and well maintained houses along the cobbled streets
Early morning over the town
01 JAN 16 - 01 APR 16

Late fall 2015, Winter and Spring 2016 around Kelowna

Arwen the little outdoors adventurer
Superhero baby takes a break
Sure way to make this kid happy
23 DEC 15 - 30 DEC 15

After 7 Christmas' away with Gosselins scattered across the globe, a reunion finally took place at Gosselin HQ for a Christmas reunion. The new generation of cousins stands at 5 and counting.

Christmas Kids
Christmas walk in Regina
All the cousins together
New Cousins
04 NOV 15 - 11 NOV 15

I've had the pleasure of multiple trips to Northern California for work and visiting friends over the last few months. First an amazing job location on the Last Chance Grade of highway through the redwood forest. Next a road trip all around Northern California from the bay area to Southern Oregon including a visit with longtime Cambodia friend Aimee.


Working on the Northern California coast
Finally made it to Trader Joes