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15 APR 14 - 17 APR 14
It looks like you're walking on snow but it's warm! Hot spring water rich in calcium carbonate has been flowing over this mountain under the ancient Roman city of Hierapolis for centuries and the result is a white mountain with hot streams and terraced pools. Aya enjoyed it the most, finding hot and cold pools and bathing under warm waterfalls. -steve- ...
10 APR 14 - 14 APR 14
It’s something out of a fairy tale - all sorts of childhood dreams come true. Like homes etched into sandstone caves, teensy windows perched at the top of fairy chimneys and openings in hoodoos leading into vast inner rooms and carved stone ladders heading into the sky. Cappadocia was so very enchanting. We did a lot of walking – dozens of kilometres in to...
03 APR 14 - 08 APR 14
The whole reason we even came to the Middle East or conceived of this trip at all was because of Christie and Chris in Kuwait. We arrived at their place and immediately vegetated. We ended up not even leaving their apartment block that much, instead enjoying the surrounding community, kids toys, washing machine, beer tap fridge, and especially having all the Gosseli...
30 MAR 14 - 03 APR 14
Jordanians often include 'Welcome' when they are talking to us and often at the end of a phrase. Fitting then that we should say goodbye to this amazing country and... Welcome! -steve- Jordan has completely blown my expectations. Until about a year ago, I barely even knew it existed. I certainly had no clue it contained so much to see and do, nor ho...

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I don't know how families travelled befo...
Overnight Bus
Overnight buses are hell. With kids they are ...
Our stuff is getting destroyed. We have just...
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If the kids can help each other in any way it...
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We're half done our travels and we'...
23 MAR 14 - 29 MAR 14
The Dead Sea completely exceeded all my expectations. I was convinced that it would be slightly more buoyant than other familiar ocean waters and this was by far not the case. This is one experience that cannot be matched anywhere in the world and is highly recommended. The most shocking thing to me about the small sliver of the Red Sea which Jordan has claim is ...
25 MAR 14 - 28 MAR 14
As I write, I'm puffing apple flavoured sheesha, completely chilled out at our guest house. I've also lathered my hands with lotion because, the desert, as it turns out, is not great for post-tropics skin. It is good at preserving antiquity, however, and over the past week we've marveled at history perpetually on display in Jordan. This country is oozi...
18 MAR 14 - 19 MAR 14
We are finding Israel extremely expensive so we resorted to the cheapest accomodation option - couch surfing. We hooked up with a family who lived in suburban Nazareth. It ended up being a whole lot better than a couch and we ended up learning a lot about the country and local politics in the process. We also rented a car for a couple days, drove around the Sea of ...
14 MAR 14 - 17 MAR 14
Old city Jerusalem might be one of the most astounding places on earth but it is also equally as confusing. So it was fitting that our ride from the Jordanian border deposited us in an unmarked area of Jerusalem and we began walking hopelessly lost. Even though it ended up not being far from the old city, we wandered around for a couple hours trying to find our host...
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