13 APR 16 - 23 APR 16
It was a treat to do some work in Brazil for a couple weeks this spring but even more so to find we were based in the old colonial town of Ouro Preto. Established in the late 17th century by the Portuguese, it quickly grew to Brazil's largest city over the next 100 years. These days it is a bit of a tourist hub with steep cobbled streets, small shops and old ch...
01 JUN 15 - 31 AUG 15
Finding time while keeping three rugrats going to enjoy our first summer in Kelowna, building community and the enjoying the great outdoors - biking, hiking, exploring, camping, and road trips....
07 MAY 15
Adding to the list of hijacked special occasions, little Pax decided it was time to enter the world on May 7, 2015, otherwise known as our 10th anniversary. For our third child under 4, it was out of the question for her to be anything but a sweet angel and fortunately we got our wish. Paxten Arelea is shaping up to be our most pleasant baby and a welcome addition t...
01 JAN 15 - 01 MAY 15
After missing 6 winters abroad it is nice to be in a place that doesn't have much of a winter. This winter was unusually warm and compared to Saskatchewan winters it wasn't much of a winter at all! I have already cycled 1056km since the beginning of the year (mostly attributed to 10km work commute each way) and only had to stop for 1 week because of winter...

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15 AUG 14 - 15 NOV 14
So far our decision to choose Kelowna for the next phase of life has left no regrets. The surroundings are spectacular and with a fall lasting far into November, we've had ample time to explore the new landscapes. As we settle in for our first winter in several years, we turn to the realities of life - homemaking, finding new community, and putting in some real...
01 SEP 14 - 12 OCT 14
The problem with Marathons is the training. What's the point of running if there is nothing to chase? I solved this problem by run-exploring which turned out to be a great way to check out the areas around our new place. Surprisingly, you can run a long way without overlapping. I did the best I could to try new places every run and after 322km worth of explor...
15 JUN 14 - 25 AUG 14
It's been a couple months since our exotic travels ended and we touched down in Canada. But the travels didn't end there and we were still living out of bags! We were kind of expecting to relax a bit after returning home but that was far from the case. After being gone for a few years, home didn't really exist anymore so we kept moving. We went from...
05 JUN 14 - 13 JUN 14
The Queen Mary 2 is legendary itself as well as the path from Southampton to New York (Titanic route). Since we were going that direction anyway, we had to try! We checked every day for last minute deals and finally booked a few weeks before departure. I wouldn't call us 'cruise people' but it was welcome relief after living like animals for three...
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