Updates from Kelowna (Sep 2014 to Present)

 Oct01: Summer 2017 - Okanagan + Further
 Oct01: Summer 2017 - Around Kelowna
 Mar31: CraGy Backdrop
 Mar25: Find the Che Face
 Mar22: Unpackaged Tour
 Oct26: To a Rainy Mountain
 May23: Birthday Month
 Apr23: Pleasant Surprise
 Apr01: Winter-Spring
 Dec30: Gosselin Christmas
 Nov11: Working and Exploring
 Aug31: Summer 15
 May07: Pax on Earth
 May01: Joke Winter
 Nov15: Exploring Our New Town
 Oct12: Run Exploring
Stories from Phnom Penh (Sep 2008 - Mar 2014)

 Mar08: Last Days in the Kingdom
 Feb20: Le Portail
 Feb05: 10 Cambodian Wilderness Adventure...
 Feb02: Jungle Biking
 Jan04: Street Jingles
 Dec01: Temple Run
 Nov24: South Coast with Fam
 Oct31: Around Home + Water
 Sep15: All About Arwen
 Aug19: Birth Certificate Bureaucracy
 Jul30: Summer Fun
 May23: Arwen Arrives
 May15: No Idea What's Coming
 May03: Moto Road Rules & Tips
 Mar31: Last While Snippets
 Mar11: Camry Etiquette
 Jan06: Meet me in Burma
 Dec31: Aya finishes off 2012
 Nov30: Tea and Strawberries
 Oct17: Death of a Monarch
 Oct16: The Final Frontier
 Sep16: All About Aya
 Sep15: 1500 days
 Jul14: Skoki Hiking
 Jun09: The Death Highway
 May15: Finally to the Bang
 May10: One Year Old
 Apr21: Group Parenting
 Apr21: Above the Clouds
 Apr17: Amie's 30!
 Mar31: Little Walker
 Feb01: Birthday Glamour Shots
 Jan25: Crawler to Climber
 Jan14: Get Angry!
 Jan08: Starting Off Right
 Dec31: Cambodia's Lost Island
 Dec31: Funny + Interesting Stories
 Dec18: Do The Thing You Think You Cannot...
 Dec10: Aya out and about
 Dec10: With Fam South Coast
 Nov06: Jungle Plane Wreck
 Oct31: Maroon Me!
 Oct01: Road Trip: East
 Sep29: Aya in Mondolkiri
 Aug30: Canada Visit 2011
 Jul25: Exploring with Ta + Yey
 Jul10: Two months and growing fast
 Jun15: Baby Brain
 May26: A race against...everything
 May25: Learning to be Parents
 May22: Week Two
 May18: Aya Face
 May17: Welcoming Aya
 Apr28: Waiting for...
 Apr03: Mekong River Swim
 Mar17: Thoughts from Dhaka
 Mar15: P'teah Thmey (New House!)
 Feb21: Preggers
 Feb10: Mashup
 Jan09: Koh Kong Revival
 Dec24: Seeking Cool
 Nov28: Across the Cardamoms
 Nov23: Kamping in Kirirom
 Nov17: Trouble Coming
 Nov12: Rafting the Mekong
 Oct12: Sampling Sumatra
 Sep11: Wading to Mt. Ba
 Sep05: Secret Tipoff
 Aug29: Camping with 6
 Jul24: Intercity Rails and Beach
 Jun20: Abandoned airstrip and undergroun...
 May30: Spoiled Rotten
 May23: Cambodia by Push Bike
 May07: Pram Chnam Haoy
 Apr16: Beaches, Volcanoes, Rice Terraces
 Apr08: Kinship Tales
 Mar14: Cycle Adventure
 Mar10: Dog and Insect
 Jan23: Matchy Matchies
 Jan16: Sneaking to the Top
 Dec30: Desert Games
 Dec27: Ultimate Christmas
 Dec20: Water. Logged.
 Dec01: Use my SIM!
 Nov22: Blonde Mischief
 Nov04: Temple Hunt
 Oct03: Climbing PP style
 Sep24: Investigating Thailand's Pea...
 Sep05: Cruising the Bamboo Train
 Aug29: Bad English T-shirt Birthday Nigh...
 Aug10: The Ultimate Spanking
 Aug02: Free Wheeling
 Jul19: Big Phat Phnom Penh Hat
 Jul12: Maximum Capacity 5
 Jul04: Circumnavigating Koh Dach
 Jun25: Dood Night
 Apr19: Tripping to Nam
 Apr01: Watching Duch
 Mar20: Solar Literacy Classes
 Mar19: Wedding Bells
 Mar01: Moved!
 Feb13: Hair Brained
 Feb08: Sisterventures in Chiang Mai
 Jan31: Escape of the On Tong
 Jan10: Phnom Penh with fresh eyes
 Jan04: Holidays with Family
 Dec31: A Peek Into Amie's Work
 Nov18: Diseases - 2; Amie - 0
 Nov14: White Sand Beaches
 Nov02: Motorcycle Diaries - Weekend 2
 Oct25: Motorcycle Diaries - Weekend 1
 Oct16: The Big Evacuation
 Oct10: Adventures in Casting Our Votes
 Oct05: New House
 Sep26: Dirty Bumpy Traveling
 Sep24: Ancient Temples + Cambodian Army
 Sep16: Bangkok Layover
 Sep12: Stopover in Macau
 Sep11: Stopover in Hong Kong

Steve in SE Asia, Amie in Senegal (Apr 2008)

 Apr20: Bokor Hill Station
 Apr20: Bonne Fete and Reality Check
 Apr18: Based in Phnom Penh
 Apr16: Asian Plumber Needed!
 Apr15: Go Eat Dust
 Apr13: Happy Thai New Years!!
 Apr12: Paris Layover Enroute to Senegal
 Apr10: What am I doing here again?

Wedding + Honeymoon (May 2005)

 Jun09: Amie NZ Update 3
 Jun07: A Good Camping Spot?
 Jun06: Amie NZ Update 2
 Jun01: NZ Road Signs
 May28: Amie NZ Update 1
 May21: Adventures on the Island
 May17: Rarotonga: Cook Islands Main Isla...
 May07: Steve + Amie Wedding

China Working, Asia Travelling (2002)

 Aug31: Modeling in China
 Aug06: Climbing Taishan
 Aug03: The Wild Wall
 Jul30: Leaving XiaHe
 Jul29: Sky Burial
 Jul28: Big Mac Yak Attack
 Jul27: Leaving Zoige
 Jul23: Bus to Songpan
 Jul12: Laos Journey Picture
 Jul03: Cambodia Journey Pictures
 Jul01: Dusty Cambodia
 Jun28: Vietnam Journey Picture
 Jun16: Hainan Job
 Jun10: Quitting Work
 May08: Thailand Journey Pictures
 Apr26: Gorge Hike
 Apr26: Train to Chiang Mai
 Mar23: First Night
 Feb14: Dali Guesthouse
 Feb14: Get To Dali!
 Jan29: Military Arrest
Adventure and Life Blogs:

Long Way Home - Middle East + Balkans (Mar - Jun 2014)

 Aug25: The Unexpected Extension
 Jun15: Travelling with Toddlers
 Jun15: Track our Progress
 Jun13: Cruising the Atlantic
 Jun05: Quintessentially English
 Jun01: Stuff of Legends
 May28: Perched on Pinnacles
 May23: Big Day Seized
 May22: Loving Bill
 May21: UV Balance Sheet
 May20: Quirky But Loveable
 May17: Mountains Meet The Sea
 May12: Caught in the Middle
 May08: Dalmatian Port Hopping
 May03: Fifteen Years On
 Apr27: Hearing Our Names
 Apr25: Communist Mountain UFO
 Apr20: Heart City
 Apr17: Cotton Castle and Ephesus
 Apr14: Enchanting Fairy Chimneys
 Apr08: Kuwait a While
 Apr03: Welcome
 Mar29: Red Sea Dead Sea
 Mar28: Deserts, Canyons, Castles, Ruins
 Mar19: Galilee Couch Surfing
 Mar17: Disorientating Pilgrimage
 Mar13: Tropics to Desert

Living in Calgary, Alberta (Jan 2006 - Sep 2008)

 Aug15: Hiking + Camping
 Aug01: Summer fun
 May18: Sweet Nothings
 Mar16: Hawaiian Vacation
 Dec15: Over-Ambitious Winter Expedition
 Aug03: Redcliff Grass Fires
 Jul31: Summer Activities
 Jul20: Phoenix Island Work
 Mar26: Maritime Visit
 Jan19: Working or Adventuring?
 Dec31: Another Year Past
 Oct31: Trick or Trick in Calgary
 Sep30: September
 Aug31: Comtech
 Jul31: Summer Adventures
 Jun11: Spring Life
 May07: One Year Anniversary
 Feb28: A month with Four Worlds

Indian Escapades (May 2007)

 May25: Still alive for more adventures
 May23: Dalai Lama
 May20: Indian Observations
 May18: Bollywood, beaches, and hill stat...
 May13: Good days, bad days
 May08: Tricked
 May05: Dropped in Old Delhi
 May04: 2 day London layover

Suriname Work Experience (Sep 2005 - Jan 2006)

 Jan15: Unexpected Extension + Suriname R...
 Jan01: Needed: Earplugs, Gas Masks
 Dec29: Daytrip to France
 Dec20: Wreched Dogs
 Dec16: Suriname Confluencing
 Dec10: Wedding. 9pm sharp. Be there!
 Nov29: Brownsburg Nature Reserve
 Nov25: Suriname 30th Anniversary
 Nov18: Some pics from the last while
 Oct25: Show me the Ocean!
 Oct22: What are we really doing here?
 Oct20: Bus Busting
 Oct12: Steve and Amie go National !!!
 Oct01: Interior Trip
 Sep26: Culture Clash
 Sep19: Settling in...
 Sep12: Running around in circles
 Sep08: It's Hot Here...
 Sep02: Day Layover!

South America (Summer 2004)

 Aug29: South America Thanks!
 Aug25: This is it! Last Update!!
 Aug22: Wandering the Streets
 Aug21: As Long as We Avoid FARC...
 Aug18: Did You Feel the Mountain Tremble...
 Aug16: Northern Peruvian Food
 Aug13: Luxuries Please!
 Aug10: Trek To Manchu Picchu
 Aug04: Sacsayhuaman
 Aug03: Floating Islands
 Aug01: Sunburnt on Isla De Sol
 Jul29: Last Update OR a Really Wild Stor...
 Jul28: Lazing Around
 Jul26: Bolivian Desert and Salt Flats
 Jul24: Coca Leaves Please!
 Jul22: Sucre
 Jul18: Cursed or Blessed?
 Jul16: Pantanel Wetlands
 Jul13: Iguazu Falls
 Jul09: Futbol! + Favela
 Jul08: Beautiful Rio
 Jul07: Picking up Koop in Sao Paulo
 Jul04: Confluencing in Paraguay
 Jul03: 26S 57W Paraguay Confluence
 Jul03: Chillin in Jesus
 Jul01: Bungee and off to Paraguay
 Jun29: Hanging with a Gaucho
 Jun28: Fruit Shakes in Argentina
 Jun26: Driest Place on Earth
 Jun25: Chile Confluence Attempt 23S 69W
 Jun24: Backpacker oasis in the desert
 Jun22: Fray Jorge National Park
 Jun20: Cheapest Day Yet!
 Jun18: Across the Andes
 Jun14: Still with Friends
 Jun11: Visiting Friends
 Jun09: Yerba Mate
 Jun07: Travelling Around Uruguay
 Jun07: 33S 54W Uruguay Confluence
 Jun02: Hanging Out in Montevideo
 May31: Da Bum is Born
 May29: Camping + Sea Lions
 May27: Another Adventure Starts

Saipan Work Experience (2003)

 Apr28: XuZhou Story
 Apr24: Meet Christie In Hong Kong
 Mar20: Night On North Field
 Mar04: Ack! My Camera
 Jan14: Korea Stopover Story

Living in Regina (1999 - May 2005)

 Aug01: Camping Trip
 Jul27: Polkafest
 Jul20: A month in Boldt
 Jun27: A first taste of Humboldt
 May01: Steve's Last Bachelor Campin...
 Apr30: March and April
 Apr26: Ribbon Falls
 Apr22: University Grads!
 Apr14: Diefenbaker Sandcastles
 Apr01: 4th Year Engineering Project
 Mar12: Independent Adventuring
 Mar05: February and March
 Dec11: Amie and Steve Engaged!
 Nov15: Great Sand Hills
 Nov12: Cascade Mountain
 May25: Mt. Indefatigable
 May21: Sam Kelly Caves
 May10: Ice Canoeing and Gull Island Assa...
 May09: 53N 107W Confluence Conquer
 Apr17: Gosselin House Burning
 Apr12: 51N 107W Confluence Conquer
 Jan03: 45N 93W Confluence Conquer
 Jan01: 42N 88W Confluence Conquer
 Dec13: 53N 103W Confluence Attempt
 Dec06: 51N 105W Confluence
 Nov29: 50N 105W Confluence
 Oct12: Haunted Fort San
 Aug26: Grand Canyon Hike
 Aug21: Roadkill
 Jan06: Snowshoeing Adventure
 Jun26: Survivor Saskatchewan
 Mar26: Myrtle Beach Road Trip
 Feb27: V*Enna Concert
 Dec22: VW Fox


2014: The Long Way Home | England to New York
2014: The Long Way Home | Greece
2014: TLWH | Albania Kosovo Macedonia
2014: The Long Way Home | Montenegro
2014: The Long Way Home | Bosnia
2014: The Long Way Home | Croatia
2014: The Long Way Home | Serbia
2014: The Long Way Home | Bulgaria
2014: The Long Way Home | Turkey
2014: The Long Way Home | Kuwait
2014: The Long Way Home | Jordan
2014: The Long Way Home | Israel
2013: Cambodia Year 6
2013: Last Days in the Kingdom
2014: Jungle Biking
2013: South Coast with Fam
2013: Around Home + Water
2012: Cambodia Year 5
2013: Summer Fun
2013: Biking Brothers
2013: Arwen Arrives
2013: No Idea What's Coming
2012: Meet me in Burma
2012: Aya finishes off 2012
2012: Tea and Strawberries
2012: All About Aya
2011: 1500 days
2012: Skoki Hiking
2012: The Death Highway
2012: Finally to the Bang
2012: One Year Old
2012: Group Parenting
2012: Little Walker
2011: Crawler to Climber
2011: Cambodia's Lost Island
2011: Jungle Plane Wreck
2011: Maroon Me!
2011: Aya in October
2011: Road Trip: East
2011: Living in Cambodia - Year 3
2011: Canada Visit 2011
2011: Aya's First Week
2010: Seeking Cool
2010: Across the Cardamoms
2010: Kamping in Kirirom
2010: Rafting the Mekong
2010: Year II Cambodia part 1
2010: Year II Cambodia part 2
2010: Visiting Koops in Chiang Mai
2010: Family Style Bicycle Training
2010: Beaches, Volcanoes, Rice Terraces
2009: Temple Hunt
2009: Year I Cambodia
2009: Cruising the Bamboo Train
2008: Kauai Video
2007: Needle Practice
2007: Visiting Rob
2007: July Long Weekend Video
2007: Sweetgrass Hills Video
2006: Cliff Running
2006: Suriname Video
2005: Honeymoon Vid
2004: South America Video part 1
2004: South America Video part 2
2003: Steve + Rob head south
2003: Saipan Volunteering
2002: SE Asia + China part 2
2002: SE Asia + China part 1
2002: Tiger Leaping Bag
2001: Supa-fly


Aug 25, 2014 - Settled in Canada
Feb 16, 2014 - Leaving Cambodia
May 23, 2013 - Wonderful Family Expansion
May 21, 2011 - Return to Phnom Penh
May 10, 2011 - Bundle of Joy
May 02, 2011 - Visiting Canada
Nov 15, 2010 - We're pregnant! (amie mostly)
Jul 01, 2010 - Interview by Andrew Kooman
Mar 01, 2009 - Amie has full time work in Phnom...
Dec 29, 2008 - Christmas Letter (click for PDF)
Jul 17, 2008 - Steve & Amie moving to Phnom Pen...
Sep 04, 2007 - Amie Starts a new job
May 02, 2007 - Off to India!
Feb 28, 2007 - Tickets to India: Booked!
Aug 26, 2006 - Steve starts a new job
May 07, 2006 - 1 year and counting!
Mar 29, 2006 - Amie scores big time
Mar 19, 2006 - Steve's New Job
Mar 10, 2006 - New Home
Jan 14, 2006 - Last Day in Suriname!
Dec 06, 2005 - A month in Cochrane
Nov 07, 2005 - Married 6 Months
Sep 16, 2005 - Settled in Suriname
Sep 01, 2005 - Off to Suriname
Jun 22, 2005 - Steve and Amie get a place in Hu...
Jun 17, 2005 - Amie accepts a job in Humboldt, ...
May 18, 2005 - Steve and Amie both accept volun...
May 11, 2005 - Steve and Amie head to the Cook ...
May 07, 2005 - Steve and Amie are Married in Re...
Apr 24, 2005 - Steve and Amie leave Humboldt
Apr 23, 2005 - Amie and Steve both finish all U...
Apr 12, 2005 - Letter from Regina Mayor Pat Fiacco
Mar 05, 2005 - Steve's Graduation Banquet
Feb 21, 2005 - Steve's 4th Year Engeineeri...
Feb 18, 2005 - Ballroom Dancing Classes
Jan 11, 2005 - Wedding Date Finally Set!

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