Stories & Snapshots

 Aug01/05: Camping Trip
 Jul27/05: Polkafest
 Jul20/05: A month in Boldt
 Jun27/05: A first taste of Humboldt
 May01/05: Steve's Last Bachelor Campin...
 Apr30/05: March and April
 Apr26/05: Ribbon Falls
 Apr22/05: University Grads!
 Apr14/05: Diefenbaker Sandcastles
 Apr01/05: 4th Year Engineering Project
 Mar12/05: Independent Adventuring
 Mar05/05: February and March
 Dec11/04: Amie and Steve Engaged!
 Nov15/04: Great Sand Hills
 Nov12/04: Cascade Mountain
 May25/04: Mt. Indefatigable
 May21/04: Sam Kelly Caves
 May10/04: Ice Canoeing and Gull Island Assa...
 May09/04: 53N 107W Confluence Conquer
 Apr17/04: Gosselin House Burning
 Apr12/04: 51N 107W Confluence Conquer
 Jan03/04: 45N 93W Confluence Conquer
 Jan01/04: 42N 88W Confluence Conquer
 Dec13/03: 53N 103W Confluence Attempt
 Dec06/03: 51N 105W Confluence
 Nov29/03: 50N 105W Confluence
 Oct12/03: Haunted Fort San
 Aug26/03: Grand Canyon Hike
 Aug21/03: Roadkill
 Jan06/03: Snowshoeing Adventure
 Jun26/01: Survivor Saskatchewan
 Mar26/01: Myrtle Beach Road Trip
 Feb27/01: V*Enna Concert
 Dec22/99: VW Fox

 Aug14/03: Steve + Rob head south
 Aug24/01: Supa-fly

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