Money lost/saved so far:

Losing Stuff (pt 2)
Despite our best efforts, we continue to lose...
Forget England
There is really no point in travelling Englan...
Embarassing Laundry Ephisode
You realize how low class you have become whe...
Too Much Time
In all of our 9 years of marriage, we have no...
Checkin Checkout
Checkout times were not designed with kids na...
Stories & Snapshots

 Aug25/14: The Unexpected Extension
 Jun15/14: Travelling with Toddlers
 Jun15/14: Track our Progress
 Jun13/14: Cruising the Atlantic
 Jun05/14: Quintessentially English
 Jun01/14: Stuff of Legends
 May28/14: Perched on Pinnacles
 May23/14: Big Day Seized
 May22/14: Loving Bill
 May21/14: UV Balance Sheet
 May20/14: Quirky But Loveable
 May17/14: Mountains Meet The Sea
 May12/14: Caught in the Middle
 May08/14: Dalmatian Port Hopping
 May03/14: Fifteen Years On
 Apr27/14: Hearing Our Names
 Apr25/14: Communist Mountain UFO
 Apr20/14: Heart City
 Apr17/14: Cotton Castle and Ephesus
 Apr14/14: Enchanting Fairy Chimneys
 Apr08/14: Kuwait a While
 Apr03/14: Welcome
 Mar29/14: Red Sea Dead Sea
 Mar28/14: Deserts, Canyons, Castles, Ruins
 Mar19/14: Galilee Couch Surfing
 Mar17/14: Disorientating Pilgrimage
 Mar13/14: Tropics to Desert

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