Stories & Snapshots

 Aug15/08: Hiking + Camping
 Aug01/08: Summer fun
 May18/08: Sweet Nothings
 Apr20/08: Bonne Fete and Reality Check
 Apr20/08: Bokor Hill Station
 Apr18/08: Based in Phnom Penh
 Apr16/08: Asian Plumber Needed!
 Apr15/08: Go Eat Dust
 Apr13/08: Happy Thai New Years!!
 Apr12/08: Paris Layover Enroute to Senegal
 Apr10/08: What am I doing here again?
 Mar16/08: Hawaiian Vacation
 Dec15/07: Over-Ambitious Winter Expedition
 Aug03/07: Redcliff Grass Fires
 Jul31/07: Summer Activities
 Jul20/07: Phoenix Island Work
 Mar26/07: Maritime Visit
 Jan19/07: Working or Adventuring?
 Dec31/06: Another Year Past
 Oct31/06: Trick or Trick in Calgary
 Sep30/06: September
 Aug31/06: Comtech
 Jul31/06: Summer Adventures
 Jun11/06: Spring Life
 May07/06: One Year Anniversary
 Feb28/06: A month with Four Worlds

 Mar17/08: Kauai Video
 Nov25/07: Needle Practice
 Jul28/07: Visiting Rob
 Jul02/07: July Long Weekend Video
 Jan02/07: Sweetgrass Hills Video
 Jul14/06: Cliff Running

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